You Think 8 Glasses of Water Every Day Is Enough? You’re Wrong


Could you still remember being taught at school to drink at least eight cups of water every day? Of course, you could. Who wouldn’t, right? But you’ll be surprised to know that you might actually need to intake more than that if you want to maintain a well-hydrated body.

Your hydration needs basically depend on your body type, the weather, and the kinds of physically demanding activities that you perform on a regular basis. That is why a lot of nutrition experts suggest consuming fluids worth at least half of our body’s total weight every day. This might sound to a very tall order of water indeed, but the end results are phenomenal.

Know the amount of fluid you must drink

Suppose that you weigh 160 pounds; to know the recommended amount of fluid intake for you, just divide that number by half. You will see that you must consume at least 80 ounces worth of fluids day in and day out. This amount is way over the 8 glasses, or equivalent to 64 ounces, that we are initially taught.

If it is a particularly hot day, or if you are the type who is very physically active, you are supposed to take even more than 80 ounces as these conditions accelerate the dehydration process.

It is recommended to keep yourself well-hydrated. If you feel really parched, you must drink a lot of fluids as soon as possible.

Do not let yourself feel the feeling of thirst, because by then your body’s water reserve has already dwindled.

To know if you are well hydrated, check to shade of your pee whenever you urinate. If your pee has a bright yellow to almost transparent shade, then you’re well hydrated. A darker shades of pee means your body has lost more water than it should. If you’ve noticed that, it’s high time to replenish your body’s water reserve.

Steps in drinking more water

There is a multitude of ways to increase your daily fluid consumption. One way to do that is by taking other kinds of beverage as they also contain some amount of H2O. Soups and watery foods, such as watermelons and oranges, help in increasing your H2O as well. Drinking infused, flavored and carbonated water like sodas isn’t really a bad thing, but just be mindful of your sugar and chemical intake.

You must also take into consideration investing in a durable and refillable water container so you can always have a sip of water while on-the-go. Lastly, establishing some kind of a drinking routine could be effective in reminding you to drink water.