Streetwear and The Arbiters of Taste


The most influential personalities in fashion used to be seen in the spread of glossy magazines. Nowadays, they are all over blogs and social media platforms competing for the attention of those who are under the age of 35. This phenomenon has made the job of trendsetting more complicated.

The Business of Fashion (BOF), for one, started out as a passion project by Imran Amed which aimed to give readers information and analytical opinions on the fashion business. It has now become a resource for fashion creatives from over 200 countries. Then there’s Highsnobiety, a blog that covers streetwear, fashion, culture, and arts.

Highsnobiety mostly features special edition streetwear shoes and clothes, a style that has become widely popular since 2018.

The real story lies in the global following that streetwear style had gained since 2018. Lots of people are actually willing to spend much for these limited-edition clothing and accessories.

The popularity of streetwear gave rise to designer Virgil Abloh’s fame. He has become the epitome of street style. He became known for his collaboration with Kanye West on his Yeezy Label, then proceeded to create his very own Off-white label. Off-white broke the fashion internet with every limited release of clothing.

ABloh is now creative director of Louis Vuitton. The integration is clear – Abloh’s clashing colors, blaring patterns, and flamboyant slogans combined with the luxury brand’s logo that has already become a symbol of wealth.

The notion of wealth, however, has come to be tacky, and those who show it off have become the trendsetters. With that being said, it is hard not to mention the Kardashian-Jenner clan who have been devoting their lives to influencing people with their exquisite lack of taste.

Streetwear roots from the hip-hop and punk of the 1970s and 1980s. It largely promotes individuality. Highsnobiety is categorically intended for men and the concept of individuality is evident in their choice of poster boys such as John Mayer, Pharrell Williams, and Takashi Murakami. All of Highsnobiety’s poster boys possess crowd-pleasing characters and global followings in different media platforms.

Streetwear highly reflects the opinions and idealism of its target market. And though some may argue that streetwear brands and influencers are only being skeptical and exploiting the narcissistic tendencies of their followers, it must not be overlooked that they are a reflecting emerging community that is not to be easily deterred.