Hair Myths: True or False?


Famous hair myths on how people should handle and care for their crowning glory are circulating online and offline. It is quite difficult to determine which one is true since these myths have been around for centuries disturbing women. Let’s discuss the facts and myths about proper hair care.

Hair Myths To Debunk

There are more hair myths to debunk than to believe. People have different hair challenges that they want to face. But you should know the fallacies from the true hair practices to help you focus on healthier, better-looking hair.


Plucking One Grey Hair Will Make More Grey Hairs – Plucking one hair follicle or hair strand will not affect its neighbors. So it is impossible for one grey hair to make more grey hairs!


Shampooing Makes Your Hair Shred – People think that shampooing makes their hair shred because of what they see during a shower. However, not washing your hair makes it shred more and prevent proper hair growth. Don’t make it worse for your hair!


No Oil Products for Dry Hair – People should know that most oil products for hair aim to make it healthier by penetrating the hair’s cuticle and repair damage. It does not just sit there creating an illusion of shiny hair.


100 Strokes A Day – This is one popular myth that grandmas tell their grandchildren. You don’t need 100 strokes a day to make your hair healthy. This can cause further damage than good. All you need is a gentle comb to style your hair.

True Hair Myths To Believe

Since there are plenty of hair myths circulating, it is best that we share the ones that are factual. Let’s discuss the ones you should believe!

Cutting Hair Makes It Grow Faster – This is true! Split ends are damaged endings that should be removed to prevent it from working its way to splitting the strands! Though it does not determine how fast and long your hair can grow, cutting your hair will help remove damaged ends and keep healthy hair. As they say, healthy hair grows faster than usual.

Dry Scalp Can Cause Dandruff – Dandruff is usually connected to oily hair because of yeast build up. But that is not always the case. Dandruff can also signify a dry scalp. Keep an eye on your scalp if dandruff persists and best to consult a doctor!

Cold Bath Can Make Your Hair Shinier – A icy cold bath can make your hair light-reflective and not dull-looking. It has to be really icy cold to see a difference!

Hair care can be a bit tricky! These hair myths and facts should help you naturally beautify your crowning glory.  Avoid the old wives’ tale of how you should care for your hair. Remember, everyone has a different kind of hair, so one’s practice does not apply to all!