Hair Breakage: Causes and Treatments


Have you been noticing your hair to be so frail and easily damaged? Hair breakage can make your hair appear coarse or frizzled, particularly on the tops and near your hair’s root. This condition is common for people, especially if they are undergoing so much stress.

Luckily, hair weakness and damage is just temporary. It is also totally repairable. You can restore your hair to its former glory by using a variety of hair care items and some natural remedies.

Causes of Hair Breakage

There’s myriad of reasons why your mane becomes fragile and breakable. One is because you are excessively using synthetic hair care products. These items contain substances and chemicals that can weaken the integrity of hair follicles.

Over grooming can weaken the hair as well. Exposing the hair strands to extreme temperatures, such as when you are using a flat iron, can lead to dehydrated strands, which makes them brittle. To avoid this situation from happening, you should minimize the use of tools such as hair dryers, hair irons, straighteners, and curlers.

Your nutrition and lifestyle also play a very substantial role in your hair’s general condition. That is why deficient nutrient intake, combined with stress, causes brittleness and frailty of your mane.

How to Treat Hair Breakage

Luckily, remedying hair breakage doesn’t need to be very tedious or costly. Start by modifying your hair care habit. Use hair care items made from organic and herbal elements. Stay away from hair care procedures that require too much heat; drying your hair naturally is more beneficial. Applying hair conditioners aside from your usual shampoo would also be a great help as it neutralizes your hair to lessen its frizz and untangle it.

Having a well-balanced nutritional intake and a change in lifestyle toward a healthier one would be a great help as well.

Eat foods that are abundant in protein, iron, omega 3, zinc, and biotin. These compounds are known as natural hair strengtheners. Having enough time to sleep and relaxation (to minimize stress) would also be great as well.