Get a Perfect Core With these Three Drills


If you are wondering why your core doesn’t get the fitness level that you want, there might be something wrong in your exercise routine.

Most people have this misconception that strengthening body core only involves the abdominal area. Hence, they just keep on doing push-ups and other curling drills.

The Anatomy of your Abdomen

The core or the abdomen pertains to the midsection of the body, which including both the front (stomach area) and back portions. To achieve a strong core, you need to focus on the four major muscle groups in your abdominal area: internal and external obliques, deeper transverse abdominis, and the rectus abdominis. Toughening up your core can also be done by working out your pelvic, glutes, and hips.


3 Workouts To Help Achieve that Firm Core You are Aiming For

While it is true that firming the body’s core is not an easy task, doing these three routines could give you a jumpstart.

  • Plank Reimagined. Doing the ‘reimagined’ plank will surely fortify your core. Start by pulling your toes towards your shins until you feel your leg is solidifying. Twist your thighs and then slide your hands toward your hips.


  • Superman. In doing this particular workout, you need to lay down on a mat with your face facing down and both arms extending overhead. Gradually lift your feet and arms for about six inches from the ground. After two seconds, slowly take your feet and arms to their original position.


  • Goblet Might. Who would have thought that a simple workout routine using a dumbbell or kettlebell also helps in stabilizing your core? This is what Goblet exercise is all about. Just firmly grip a kettlebell or dumbbell and then maintain your shoulders extended for at least one minute. Finish the goblet with 30 seconds high marching.